I have been participating in the Goodreads Reading challenge for about 2 years now and last year was my most promising year so far. I have read 60+ books out of my goal of 50. It was one of my proudest moments but that was when I realized something. I realized that I was beginning to read books not for the purpose of enjoying them but for the purpose of finishing the challenge. True, I got to read around 4 to 5 books a month back then but the truth is I only remember how great the story was while I was reading it. The moment I pick up another book, I immediately put my interest on the greatness of this new book. After finishing a book, i will just pick up any book without even finding out about its quality. I had this mindset that what I read doesn’t manner. What’s important is that I read and get add more and more books to my read books. It was like I made reading a race for myself.

And so I have decided to quit the reading challenge and take my time, no matter how long, with a book that I am certain I am going to enjoy.

So, that concludes this blog post. Thank you guys for reading. If you are participating in the Goodreads Reading Challenge, good luck! I hope you get to reach your goal before the year ends! If you are like me who would quit the challenge, it’s all chill! Let’s do whatever would make ourselves happy! Once again, thank you guys and see you on m next blogpost~! ^-^

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Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth BOOK REVIEW

Hey, fellow bookworms!

Before I begin with my review I just wanna share that I have been frustrated these last 2 months because I was in an ultimately frustrating reading slump and I havent picked up any book until recently. That’s it lol.
Well, on to the review.

Carve the Mark is Veronica Roth’s most recent novel since the Divergent series. It follows the story of a boy named Akos and a girl named Cyra and how their fates will somehow bring them to each other.
I decided to pick this book because I was seeing it everywhere. It was on goodreads, it was on instagram, it was on Twitter, it was on YouTube, basically every platform where bookworms are present. It was hyped and I read a few reviews. I was surprised, though, because despote the hype, the reviews were actually quite mixed. Some loved it, some did not, some felt that it was okay. And I was one of those.
I felt that this book wasn’t as bad as some of the negative reviews say. The story was, yes, quite complex, because it is quite hard to build up an image of a dystopian world where everything is basically the same but also very different from the current world. One thing I have to say, is that the story takes quite sometime to develop. I feel as if there were parts that have way too many unnecessary details that I actually skipped some lines just to get to the more interesting parts.

On to the characters, I was okay with them. But there was that cliché(I don’t know if you guys will find it cliché but I personnaly find it that way) of the youngest kid being braver, feistier, and stronger than the older kids. I mean, really? But then again, if it were the other way around, I guess that would be more cliché so I’ll shut up anout the younger-kid-being-braver-than-the-older-kid cliché and live my life. 

Then the mother of Akos, the Oracle of Thuvhe. I hated her because she is such a useless mother and wife. She basically gives more importance to her position as the oracle than her family. Like, I really just cannot.

On to the parts that I hated, to be honest there is none. I did find some parts to be boring but I did not hated them, those parts being the parts that are too informative of what’s to see and what’s happenning. 

The only time when I really liked the book was at the end, actually. I liked it then because the tension between sides have been built. I anticipated what’s going to happen. I hated some characters even more than I already do. But my emotions did not surge much. I just feel like I wanna see what happens next just to satisfy my curiosity. I don’t even understand myself anymore. 
Anyways, that has been my review for Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. I gave it 3 stars on goodreads. This has been Ean, and thank you for reading my review. Until next time. Goodbye! 👋👋👋👋👋

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*BOOK REVIEW* Needful Things by Stephen King


Hi guys! It’s me again with my unappealing blog and blog posts!

Today, I am going to be sharing with you my thoughts and opinion about this lengthy, thriller book by Stephen King. As not many people know, I am a fan of books with thriller or paranormal genres. I don’t even know why I love them even if they give me nightmares for days. Take note, days. But of course, being scary as heck is a sign that the book is damn good. Trust me, I’ve read some crappy ones and they just made me feel frustrated rather than scared. But anyways, let’s get down to the review. Please subscribe to my blog or something. Share to your friends. Please, please, please, comment about your thoughts on my blog. Your critiques are highly appreciated. LET’S DO THIS!

This book is a bout a small town called Castle Rock in Maine. It is quite simple, peaceful and everything until a little shop was built. Apparently, no one knows what kind of shop this is so one night (or afternoon, I’ve forgotten the exact timeframe. Sorry) before the actual opening day a kid decided to visit the shop and strangely the sign said OPEN so the kid entered the shop and bought something and started the unfortunate chain of events.

>What I Like About this Book:
1.)I liked how, despite the number of characters here, everyone was connected. Not specifically in a way where they’re relatives but in a sort of way where their actions would trigger a reaction from another character.

2.) The sequencing of events. I find it quite nice how the story slowly goes from a totally relaxed, chill state to a suddenly and seemingly uncontrollable chaos where everyone wanted to kill each other.

3.) The mysterious products. I don’t know I just seemed to like them.

4.) Sherrif Allan Pangborn’s and Polly Chalmer’s history. Out of all the characters’ histories shared, the history of these two is the most remarkable in my opinion. I liked the fact that they’ve suffered something terrible and that made them more relatable for each other.

Now if there are things that I liked about this book, there are also some things that I didn’t like.
And here they are:
1.) Too many characters. I didn’t like the fact that there are so many characters. And given that they each had a story of their own, it kind of strays from the original story.

2.) The ending. I’m not gonna say what the ending was. I’m just gonna say that I find the ending a little anticlimactic. I mean, after 670+ pages, the ending I would get was this?! BTW, the ending I’m saying is not the literal ending but how the story was resolved.

And that, my friends, is my review for Needful Things by Stephen King. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Please, if you find something amiss, please point it out by commenting on. . . well, where you should comment.(I don’t know if I should say comment down below because I don’t know where the comment box is)

Please subscribe to my blog, share this with friends, convince them to subscribe as well and please, tell me what my blog lacks. Thank you! I Love You!✌

Peace Out and Keep Reading!

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Yesterday, I achieved another goal as I got to finished Soman Chainani’s The School for Good and Evil trilogy. As a matter of fact, I first read the first book summer last year. And then, I finished reading the second book at that time, as well. However, when I finally had the third book, I realized that it was long, intimidatingly long. So when I first start reading it, I only got to almost 190 pages and I had to put it down because I just can’t feel the adrenaline of the first two books in this one. Fortunately, I tried to read it again Monday and it did not disappoint. For those who have read the book, please go on. For those who haven’t read it yet, read it first because this book review is NOT spoiler-free.

So this book is the conclusion to Agatha and Sophie’s story. In the first two books, they had their Ever Afters only to ruin it themselves by wishing for another ending. But as they continue to change their endings, more and more truths begin to unfold causing them to accept the fact that one is really meant for Evil and one is truly meant for Good. In this book, the author showed us how their world was getting destroyed because of their story that can’t be put to an end. Readers of this book will see how both sides ,Good and Evil, prepared for battle for the Last Ever After.

I started reading this from the start when I decided to read this book again. Personally, I loved how the story started. At least it wasn’t a cliche where the antagonists are the ones who seemed to have a huge problem. You would know it if you read it. That the book was doubting Agatha and Tedros’ Ever After. I don’t know why but I just love it.

There are parts that i find to be unnecessary and parts that I hated a character or two. One of those is the part where Agatha’s mom died. Is it really necessary for her to die? I mean, she could have been the one to bring them to the Council of Thirteen. Or she could still die but at the end of the book. In my opinion, she could’ve been a part of the battle against Rafal ,a.k.a the School Master, and then she would be killed by Rafal and that would’ve been the reason why Sophie would destroy the ring becausefelt like the reason behind Sophie destroying the ring being Agatha’s words were not enough. Anyone feel me?

The part where I hated Sophie was when Sophie got rescued by Agatha and Tedros and Merlin. I hated her in that part because she says that she’s Good but girl, Who, among all the Good characters of the Good books, forces someone who doesn’t love you to love you? But despite that, I felt that she really was a good antagonist to make me mad just by reading what she does.

I also hated the part where Tedros doesn’t seem to care about Agatha. I mean  WTF, Tedros? She just saved your life from that friggin’ School Master and then now that you’ve left her house you’re gonna act as if she never did any Good to you? He doesn’t act like a prince, at all.

And here comes the bomb. Remember when they were hidden by the Lady of the Lake? When they found that Guinevere and Lancelot? And, specially, that part where Hort showed Agatha what the pond of Wish Fish showed when he dipped his finger in it? I was bummed that that vision did not happen. Why did he not get to marry Sophie? (not even sure if my grammar is correct thereXD) Yes, Sophie did bad things and she does not deserve love… But actually, she does. She deserves to be loved as well. And Hort! Why did you not give Hort a happy ending? Why not give him an Ever After with Sophie? Although, no matter what complaints I say here won’t matter since the book was done.

And that concludes my book review -of sorts- about SGE. I hope you reading this review. I hope you enjoyed the series more than this review. Keep on reading. Subscribe if you want more. And I’ll keep on posting whenever I could.





Once again, I am astounded by how good this book is. It sends adrenaline rushing through me as twists and turns take place in the story. This book, I must say, is one of the best books out there. I did not regret picking the first up and reading it.. And guys, it’s so totally great to get hooked to this series.


So this story starts off with Adelina and Violetta in search of the malfetto called Magiano, an elite whose powers are not known by the sisters. When they found him, they agreed to his challenge for them to be able to coax him to join Adelina’s new society of elites. And from there, they start to find other elites and once she thought that they’re strong enough, she brought her wrath to all those who have wronged her; but it cost something else: the possibility of losing Enzo again and the possibility of losing herself.As she founds out a deadly secret about every elite,  she would have to make the hardest decision : will she disregard this knowledge to gain all power or sacrifice her powers or find a cure to this new threat?

This is just so good for me. I loved how the darkness of the story remained. And another thing that I liked about about this book (well, in the first book as well) is that Adelina’s sufferings were shown but those suffering were not to heavy to take in. I mean, sure, it does give the reader an unexplained heaviness in their chest but it is somehow a heaviness that we can relate to. I also loved how Marie Lu made Adelina seem evil. I know evil is bad but in this book, I loved evilness.

I’ll be ending my book review here but I just have to say that I’m still hooked even though I have read this, like, two or three months ago. And there you go! This has been my book review. Make sure to subscribe to this blog if you want more book reviews.

Peace Out & Keep On Reading!

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So one of the books I have read was Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake. I loved this book so much. It has action, it has romance, and it definitely has horror. I’m actually still speechless about this because it is just so good.

This  is about Cas, a teenager who is the current wielder of the athame. He is from the blood line of the athame wielders and he is stripped of innocence when a ghost, the Obeahman, killed his father and ate bits of him.

Cas is currently on a mission to send Anna away, when the unexpected happened: he fell in love with her ghost. And from there, starts the truth about his dad unfolds and he faces the ghost he is searching for. And from there, he needs to make a decision of either letting Anna go in order for him to slay the Obeahman or let Anna stay and allow the Obeahman to kill more of his friends.

I loved reading this book even if it literally gave me nightmares. But the story is just so good that even if you’re frightened, you just wanna know what’s gonna happen next. Another thing is the mortal x ghost love story. I’m totally a sucker for these types of romance; you know, when it’s totally out of the norm.

I highly recommend this book. This is a page turner that has new horrors with every turn and you’ll just find yourself almost entranced to it. Definitely worth 5/5 stars.



Hey, readers! Hi, I’m Ean and I just started here. I’m actually really excited about this because I am into books lately. I mean, I got to finish ten books in February. Ten books! I don’t know what rush has gotten to me but at least that gives me ideas on what book to review and what book to mark as tbr. I hope we all would have great interactions and let’s fill reading hours with rainbows and unicorns! cute-unicorns-and-rainbows-582832

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